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Galeria del cuchillo is the web dedicated to the knife enthusiast. We offer a wide selection of unique, one of a kind knives created by prestigious knife makers. The majority of our custom knives have been forged of carbon or Damascus steels. These knives convey sensations of the anvil and hammer, of the artisans technical skills creating  master pieces with their effort and creativity using relatively simple tools. We also offer exclusive knives with stainless steel blades made by prestigious knife makers.

We are distributors of Winkler Knives II, a line of knives, axes and tomahawks designed for professionals, principally for members of the armed forces, firemen, police and rescue units. We also carry some selected factory fixed blade knives made using traditional methods like Kanetsune in Japan chosen for their excellent quality and usefulness.

The Spanish navaja folder is represented by the work of two of the best artisan knife makers of Albacete, Luis Vergara and Cuchilleria Fernandez. The Italian design and high-tech manufacturing systems are represented by the products of two prestigious firms, Lion Steel and Fox Knives.

We hope you enjoy visiting our web and invite you to get in contact with  us for further information.    


Descargar manualFree download of our "Manual for the Maintenance and Sharpening of Knives" The document is in PDF format and also available in Spanish version.